Love. Your. Hydration.

Infuse water easily with delicious fresh fruit in this Tritan plastic, shock-resistant and BPA-free bottle

Why we came up with AquaFruit2Go?

We want to eliminate or at least reduce even the need to recycle plastic water bottles
Save money! Yes, we want to help people cut costs on their “beverage” expenses
Encourage people to drink water, naturally flavored healthy water!
  • AquaFruit2Go is reusable

    Compared to plastic water bottles that have become a major environmental problem.

  • AquaFruit2Go is 100% BPA-free

    Easy to use, environmentally friendly, safe and durable.

  • AquaFruit2Go is made from Tritan, durable highbred plastic

    The product has passed SGS-Canada testing and has FDA approval.

  • AquaFruit2Go is changing the way you see and drink water

    We can’t wait to hear about all the new fruit combinations.

Please help us spread the word share our AquaFruit2Go project with friends and family. Let’s get everyone hydrating! Link to kickstarter